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Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 9:00 AM
Your Body for God: Get Healthy, Lose Weight!
Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 9:00 AM
Your Body for God: Get Healthy, Lose Weight!

  • Learn how to Maximize the Energy of your body!
  • Learn how to Slow down aging and Enhance Longevity.
  • Learn Godly Principles of Eating.
  • Learn how to Maximize your exercise!
  • God-Centered
  • Natural
  • Customizable
  • Life-Changing
  • Much More!

From Dr. Tony Ganem

There’s a common misconception out there that people need to lose weight to get healthy, but the truth is, people need to find the cause of their unhealthiness to be able to lose weight. Because of that one little misconception, most people treat the symptom -weight gain - rather than the cause; and by usually have less than desirable results, lack the energy to thrive, and in the end wind up becoming discouraged. Whenever you treat a symptom rather than treating its cause - you should expect to struggle for the rest of your life! You were not meant to struggle. You were designed to thrive!

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At The BodyPro Wellness Center, we shift the focus away from the symptom towards the cause, and we help you understand your body better so you become permanently in charge of your weight, energy, sleep, your overall health, and most critically, your ability to serve Our Lord!

We believe it’s time we become health-focused instead of sick-focused; proactive about our bodies instead of reactive, and educated instead of ignorant about our health. It’s time life to its fullest!

This is our passion at BodyPro- we want to help everyone live happy, healthier lives, with energy and passion to serve our Master as He deserves to be served. That’s why we ofer free seminars throughout the year, so you can move at your own pace, learn more about your body and decide for yourself if it’s time for a change. So take the 1st step to a better you and sign up for a free seminar above.

What others have recently said about our seminars:

There was a lot of great information given during the seminar.  I felt many of the things I already knew and had been learning about on my own come together in this talk.  I am looking forward to learning and implementing more.  R.K. 4-26-12

I'm glad to get excellent information about health.   F.L.  4-26-12

My experience at the BodyPro seminar went beyond my expectations.  Dr Ganem's presentation was very informative, organized and comprehensive.  I am looking forward to a healthier future.  I was impressed with Dr Tony's genuine concern and passion to help people understand how our bodies "should" function when we do the right things in making food choices and exercise.  Thank you and God bless!    L.J. 4-22-12

This seminar opened up my eyes to become more aware of my  body.  What kind of information given in a jam packed time is valuable!  I am saddened to realize how unaware I am of my body and how it works.  The information given is eye opening and a blessing.  God had blessed us with this seminar to go home and share with our family and kids.  --J.S. 1-14-12